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Get to know what your Malshi Puppy will be like!

Every Puppy is different and has it's own individual personalities, but we'd like to give you a quick glimpse at the most common characteristics your Malshi puppy could inherit!

Maltese like Characteristics

- Happy go lucky personality

- Loves to play

- Black eyes, mouth, and nose

- Finer, more manageable coat

- Light weight

- Bright cheerful faces

- Better bite and back

- Good with house training

- Non-shedding

Kakie lives in Fort Collins, Co. She has a more Maltese like personality!

Shih Tzu like Characteristics

- Relaxed demeanor

- Lower energy output

- Colored coat options

- Thicker, fuller and softer coat

- Sturdier structure

- Large expressive eyes

- Heartier disposition

- Less prone to barking

- Non-shedding


Dilly lives in Forest Grove Or. She has a more Shih Tzu like personality!

Be aware that your puppy will probably have almost all of these qualities! That is why we love our Malshi's so much! Some of your puppy's qualities will be more outstanding and developed than others though.

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