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Health Guarantee

We love and care for our dogs and it is our goal to provide new pet owners with a great experience and a time of joy bringing home a new puppy. If ever we are questioning the health of the puppy we will not sell it until it is cleared by a veterinarian and/or it is clear that the puppy is back to normal health. If this is a puppy that a deposit has already been made on we will inform the buyer of the health concern and we will do our best to get the puppy back to 100%. If there is still concerns for the health of the puppy after we have tried everything reasonable to restore the puppies health, we will give the buyer the opportunity to receive a refund of their deposit. We want to only provide families with happy and healthy puppies! In case a puppy slips by our watch the following is our health guarantee:


-Within 72 hours of receiving your new puppy, if your puppy does not clear a puppy wellness check from a veterinarian we will allow you to return the puppy to us for a full refund minus $100. Please include a document from the veterinarian verifying the puppy’s illness to receive the refund.


-Within 1 year of the date of birth of the puppy if he/she develops a genetic defect which would greatly reduce quality or quantity of life, and that is verified by a veterinarian to be hereditary, we will refund you half the price of the puppy and let you keep the puppy.

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