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Interested in a puppy, but don't live close enough to make a visit?

We are glad to provide a couple options!!!

Fly your puppy home!


Due to current regulations we regrettably no longer offer airline shipping for our puppies. If you are interested in arranging a flight to pick up your puppy we will deliver it to either Cheyenne regional or Denver international airports.  Mileage compensation is applicable for airport delivery. You are responsible to make all arrangements with your airline to fly with your puppy.

We'll drive to meet you!


We'll drive up to 150 miles in your direction to make your trip shorter or to deliver your puppy! We ask .50 cents per mile round trip to cover the cost of fuel, wear on our car, and for our time. We use Google Maps to determine the exact mileage of our trip. We also require that if you are having your puppy delivered to you that you pay in cash for the puppy and for our delivery when we meet up with you. We will not release a puppy without full payment.

Please note:
1. If you are having your puppy delivered to you, your non-refundable $500 deposit to hold the puppy is required before delivery.
2. We require the puppy deposit form to be filled out and returned to us before delivery.
Frequently asked shipping questions

Q. Where can you deliver my puppy?

A. We can deliver your new puppy anywhere within approximately 150 miles.

Q. How soon can you meet me with my puppy?

A. Normally I am pretty flexible. Just get in touch with me and we can work that out.

Q. Where will I pick up my puppy if I fly to get him/her?

A. It will depend on your airport. I will make an effort to meet you just outside of security if possible.

Q. Do I need anything to pick up my puppy?

A. Yes! You will need your ID so I can be sure I am getting the puppy to the right family! If flying, you will need to make all arrangements in advance with your airline to bring your puppy back home with you. You will also need to bring your own airline approved kennel and any other accessories you desire for your puppy to travel.

Q. What is the best way to pay?

A. PayPal or Zelle is the easiest and fastest way. Keep in mind the 2.9% fee PayPal adds.  If you prefer to pay by check we will delay delivery of your puppy five days after we receive the check to have it cleared by our bank. Puppies are always sold on a first come first serve basis so please plan ahead if you prefer to pay with a check.

Q. What if the puppy is not as expected?

A. We do everything we can to make sure we give a completely accurate description of your new puppy. The delivery fee is still required and your deposit is non-refundable unless in compliance with our health guarantee.

Q. What else do I need to know?

A. Your health guarantee, medical records, and small toy will be with your puppy. You will also receive a small bag of dog food with your puppy for get you started. If flying, please make sure you have a bag to keep these things with you. We will also bring a Puppy sale agreement with us to be signed upon final payment and  transfer of the puppy.

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