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Colorado Malshi Puppies

Welcome! My name is Kathy, and I am a missionary wife, stay-at-home-mom of five little munchkins, homemaker, and puppy tender. Our belief is that our pets should be enjoyed and that they should be a healthy, happy and comfortable part of our home and family, so even though we allow our dogs to breed we make sure that they are well behaved and totally integrated into our everyday activities. We are very pleased with our dogs and we believe that they offer the best qualities that any house dog has to offer. Our dogs are fully house trained, know not to be yappy barkers, they are smart and happy, obey simple commands, and they are a joyful part of our lives. Below are a few pictures of our dogs (some now retired) and our family! We will be updating this page soon with more pictures and information about our current dogs. In the meantime, please enjoy....

Poppy getting in a quick kiss
Olive - Reading buddies
Puppy Libery
Getting ready to take puppy pictures
Moose puppy
Summer days with Taffy and Truffle
Helping take puppy pictures!
Taffy, Toffee, and Truffle
Toffee and snowman
Picture day!
Young Truffle
Truffle and Toffee
Pregnant Toffee
Puppy love
Toffee as a puppy
Puppy love
Toffee and Truffle
Taffy and Truffle
Truffle and Toffee getting hugs
First pets
Toffee (dancing) and Truffle
Young Toffee
Puppy love in the kitchen
Story time with the puppies
Truffle and Toffee
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