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Interested in a puppy, but don't live close enough to make a visit?

We are glad to provide a couple options!!!

Fly your puppy home!


Due to current regulations we regrettably no longer offer airline shipping for our puppies. If you are interested in arranging a flight to pick up your puppy we will deliver it to either Cheyenne regional or Denver international airports.  Mileage compensation is applicable for airport delivery.

We'll drive to meet you!


We'll drive up to 150 miles in your direction to make your trip shorter or to deliver your puppy! We ask $1 per mile round trip to cover the cost of fuel, wear on our car, and for our time. We use Google Maps to determine the exact mileage of our trip. We also require that if you are having your puppy delivered to you that you pay in cash for the puppy and for our delivery when we meet up with you. We will not release a puppy without full payment.

Please note if you are having your puppy shipped to you:

The airlines do not allow me to attach ANYTHING extra to the crate. Your puppy will only have food and water enough to get to you and the paper work necessary to fly. Your health guarantee, CD of puppy pictures, medical records, and small toy will be mailed to you as soon as possible. Also we will mail you a filled out buyer seller agreement along with one for you to fill out and return for our records. Please get puppy food prior to when your puppy arrives! Your puppy will be eating Purina ProPlan Focus, Puppy, Lamb and Rice formula. If you choose to change the food you give your puppy, just do so slowly by mixing the two kinds of food until the puppy is totally on the new type of food. This keeps it nice and easy on their little system. Just make sure you stick with a puppy formula at first. Also bring water for your puppy's ride home from the airport in case his/her water was spilled on the flight.

Breakdown of the cost to fly your new puppy home:

Ticket with United Airlines =$220

My milage 220 miles = $110

Airline approved crate = $23

Extra Veterinary Exam = $35

My time (5 hrs. minnium) = $37

Total = $425

Frequently asked shipping questions about Flying:

Q. Where can you ship my puppy?

A. We can ship your new puppy anywhere that United airlines will fly to. We have chosen United because we believe they take the best care that can be offered to the puppy.

Q. How soon can you fly my puppy?

A. It depends on how quickly I can get an appointment with my Veterinarian for puppy health certification, get your puppy to the airport, and put on a flight with United Airlines. Usually 24-48 hours.

Q. Where will I pick up my puppy?

A. It will depend on your airport. I will make sure you have the exact address before we ship the puppy, or you can look up your pick up location here.

Q. Do I need anything to pick up my puppy?

A. You will need your ID and your confirmation number from your puppy's flight which I will send you as soon as the flight is arranged. I also recommend having a clean, old towel for your puppy in case of any potential messes. Also have fresh water to offer your puppy he/she will have some food with their crate but you will need to have more available at home.

Q. What is the best way to pay?

A. PayPal is the easiest and fastest way. Keep in mind the 2.9% fee PayPal adds.  If you prefer to pay by check we will delay shipment of your puppy five days after we receive the check to have it cleared by our bank. Puppies are always sold on a first come first serve basis so please plan ahead if you prefer to pay with a check.

Q. What if the puppy is not as expected?

A. We do everything we can to make sure we give a completely accurate description of your new puppy. The transaction is final unless circumstances comply with our health guarantee. Returning the puppy would be at your expense.


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